WTAS: Debt Deal

“Largest Deficit Reduction Bill In History” … “Favors Republicans On Every Major Substantive Point” … “Washington Now Has A Powerful Agent Of Change In Charge” … “McCarthy Won The Showdown With Biden” … “Advances The GOP’s Control-Spending Agenda Significantly” … “McCarthy Outmaneuvered The White House”

Speaker Newt Gingrich | “The Debt limit deal is a dramatic victory for Speaker McCarthy and House Republicans. Before they passed their history changing bill no one would have believed it possible to cut spending, reestablish work requirements, reform permitting for energy and infrastructure and more”

Wall Street Journal | “The lesson is that political unity pays… Mr. McCarthy won the showdown with Mr. Biden over domestic discretionary spending by picking politically popular ground to fight on and then rounding up 218 votes to give his negotiators leverage. Assuming the deal passes Congress, it will defy the Democratic narrative that Republicans can’t govern. Mr. McCarthy’s troops are proving they can, and conservatives would be foolish to abandon the victories in this deal.”

Kevin Hassett | “This deal strongly signals to financial markets there’s a real chance that runaway spending will be put under control… And it shows those who believe policy needs to change even more in the future that Washington now has a powerful agent of change in charge of the House of Representatives. That’s progress. That’s leadership.

Stephen Moore | “Hats off to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. He has played a relatively weak hand masterfully throughout these debt-ceiling talks… McCarthy outmaneuvered the White House and has negotiated a deal that has valuable concessions that conservatives have demanded…”

New York Post | “The key is that it advances the GOP’s control-spending agenda significantly, on multiple fronts…The voters have chosen divided government for now, so compromise is inevitable. Credit McCarthy with playing his cards well enough that this compromise is a lot closer to the GOP’s vision than the Dems’.”

Congressman Mike Lawler | “In a divided government, you negotiate, make progress, and live to fight another day. This bill represents a good start and a win for all Americans, as we cut spending and begin to bend the curve. A lot more work to do, but a win by any honest assessment.”

Hugh Hewitt | “Bravo @SpeakerMcCarthy and @HouseGOP. They stated and stood by their bottom line from early this year until now, and as @NYTimes states it below, it’s exactly what GOP demanded —and got. @JoeBiden made a huge error in hiding out for 97 days while McCarthy stayed on message.

Washington Times | “The speaker did his job. Now it’s time for the Senate to do theirs.”

Washington Examiner | “Overall, the final deal has to be considered a Republican win… If some Republicans are unhappy with this debt limit deal, then they need to concentrate on helping other Republicans win more elections. The only way Republicans in Washington will score bigger legislative victories is if voters elect more Republicans to go to Washington.”

Wall Street Journal | “The GOP’s task, which is popular with voters, is to rebuild a culture of work. The debt-ceiling bill starts to do that, which is one reason to support it.”

Mark Lotter | “That’s a good thing and a win for @SpeakerMcCarthy and the American people!”

Americans for Tax Reform | “The bill consists of numerous, significant wins for conservative priorities… This will keep Congress focusing on fiscal responsibility for the here and now.”

Senator Markwayne Mullin | “After speaking with @SpeakerMcCarthy, it’s clear this imperfect bill contains many conservative wins like deficit reduction, work requirements, and cuts to funding which prevent Biden from hiring new IRS agents. Republicans are working to restore fiscal sanity to Washington.”

Steve Cortes | “Conservatives should welcome the deal that the GOP House negotiated against an obstinate Biden Administration. Is the package everything we want on the Right? No. But it represents tangible success and a key starting marker for fiscal sanity in Washington. Plus, it provides a key starting point toward earning control of all three levers of fiscal power in the 2024 elections: House, Senate, and White House.”

Joel Pollack | “The debt ceiling deal seems to favor Republicans on every major substantive point. Democrats succeeded in “protecting” things that were never actually at risk. The best part is perhaps that @JoeBiden shares the political burden of restoring student loan repayments. Take the deal.”

Mike Davis | “I’ve been a loud critic of @SpeakerMcCarthy. Pushed hard for him to lose speaker race. The debt-ceiling fight is a win for conservatives. After 2+ decades, we’re finally bending curve on discretionary spending. With Dem WH & Senate. With debt ceiling—not even appropriations.”